Where are you Located?

Elisa Binger Audio has no current formal location. How does this work? I come to you. I can come set up my gear and capture your authentic sound in the space where you are most comfortable. If there is a serious issue with acoustics or other dilemmas, there are other locations that we can contract with to record; however, almost all will include an additional hourly charge.

Do you charge by the hour?

No. I feel that charging by the hour tends to rush the creative process. That leads to poor decision making and you wind up less satisfied with your music. We definitely don't want that. Instead, I charge a separate recording and/or mixing fee per song. That way we can spend as much time as it takes to get each song sounding its best... well, within reason.

Do you work with all genres?

Technically, yes. But there is a catch. I specialize in the areas of rock, blues, jazz, and various "indie" genres. These are the genres with which I have the most experience and what I listen to most in my free time. The result is that I can add a lot more value from a production standpoint to music in these categories.


That doesn't mean that I can't or won't work with other genres; it just means that I may not be able to meet your needs as well as another audio service could.

Do you do mastering?

No. For mastering services you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Can I book a session online?

Unfortunately, at this moment we do not offer booking directly through this website. This is because operating hours may vary from week to week, so schedule availability is easier managed on a one-on-one basis. To book a session, please email me directly at

What are your hours of operation?

There are no formal hours of operation. Since this is on the side of my normal day job, you can generally expect sessions to be held on evenings or weekends.